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Matchplay domino tournament held at the Houston Arcade Expo.


Blue Group: Friday (11/12) 8pm - 11pm & Saturday (11/13) 12pm - 3pm


El Patio

The Space City Open is a match play domino tournament, held at the Houston Arcade Expo. There will be two distinct qualifying groups (Red & Blue), during which players will play 12 games (split between Friday and Saturday) on randomly selected machines against groups of randomly selected (but balanced) opponents. The top 12 players from each session will move on to the finals. Please see the website for the full rules. The times for each session are shown below:

Red Group: Friday (11/12) 5pm - 8pm & Saturday (11/13) 9am- 12pm

Blue Group: Friday (11/12) 8pm - 11pm & Saturday (11/13) 12pm - 3pm

A player is only permitted to play in ONE of the groups. Do not register for both. If you register a player for both, we will randomly eject the player from the extra group at our choosing. If this happens prior to October 15, you will be issued a refund (and a stern warning), minus fees. After October 15, you will not be refunded. Bottom line -- do not register for more than one group!!!

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